How Your Perfect Paper Should Be Structured

Everybody knows that paper should consist of an introduction, body paragraph and conclusion but how to construct these parts correctly often remains a big question.  Not knowing the nuances of decent logical structuring obstructs your ability to present even the most superior knowledge. You can always ask us for essay writing help anytime. Consequently, you can never get the highest mark for your homework as well as the structure of the paper is one of the central points in grading paper. That is why every student should have something like a crib or reminder on structuring academic assignment.


Three points you should count when writing the introduction:

1. It should have an appropriate size.

As a rule, an introduction should be around one paragraph and near half page in length. The size of the introduction depends on the length of the paper. The introduction to three-four pages long assignment can be one page, and in its turn, the introduction of two-three sentences doesn’t suit to ten pages long paper.

2. It should be directly linked to the area of discussion or question at issue.

Do not include a lot of background information in a fairytale style “Once upon a time…..”. The introduction should not include any definitions (unless required), citations or description of your further intentions, methods or something like this.
The introduction should provide brief ‘signposts.’ You can highlight the actuality of the topic, demonstrate the reason for hot debates around it (if existed) or your individual position you will prove above in the paper.

3. It should end with the thesis statement.

The thesis statement is the last sentence of the introduction which presents core idea, explains why this idea is true and demonstrates the main accents of further writing. It has one more function of demonstrating the kind of assignment. If you write argumentative essay your thesis statement should demonstrate that you will argue or prove, respectively in expository paper thesis presents the explaining method and in an analytical assignment – analytical approach.


Each paper requires the thesis statement which is a central element of introduction.
The thesis statement should be supported throughout the whole paper.
Body paragraph
Also requires precise following some rules:

1. One paragraph – one idea.

Each of paragraphs should emphasize a single thought, argument or perspective with sufficient details. Two ideas could not be presented in one paragraph.

2. The paragraph could not be less than three sentences.

It is the shortest paragraph. A paragraph of five-six sentences long is optimal. It could be longer if needed but not extremely. Too short or too long paragraphs are not acceptable in academic writing.

3. It should contain a topic and conclude sentences.

The topic sentence is the first sentence presenting the idea of the paragraph and concluding (last) sentence should sum up the presented information.

4. It should not start or end with the citations.

Citations serve as the supporting tools which should be placed between topic and concluding sentences. Starting tor ending the paragraph with citation is not allowed.

5. Paragraphs should be linked one to the other and properly arranged.

Developing an idea implies logic and smooth linking transitions. The Central idea should be divided into components which writer has to present in the appropriate logical manner: from less important to more meaningful, in chronological or spatial order, etc. Be sure each body paragraph offers a new idea in such way your essay grows and unfolds.


In conclusion, you have to:

1. Restate the thesis statement you have presented in the introduction.

You should verify thesis statement declared previously and demonstrate that you have reached your purpose (proved, explained or made analysis).

2. Just summarize discussed information.

Don’t present any new information in conclusion. You are to highlight once more all central ideas you mention in the body paragraph.

3. Avoid using citations.

Incorporating any citations is not acceptable in conclusion.
We sincerely hope that this list of our tips will help you to be successful in writing assignments. If the task will seem overwhelming and complicated, our team of professional writers is always ready to provide you with qualified essay writing help.

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